Cost of Living Ticks Down Slightly

Jan 11 , 2020

Headline inflation, the indicator of the cost of living, reached 19.5pc last month, showing a slight fall from the previous month. In November the rate hit 20.8pc, the highest figure in five years next to 22.2pc, which was registered in 2014. The rate had been steadily growing for five consecutive months until it showed a slight fall last month. Food inflation ticked down by almost by two percentage points in December to 22.7pc, according to the consumer price index of the Central Statistical Agency. The price of major cereals such as teff, wheat, maize, barley and sorghum has shown a decline compared to their prices in November, according to the report. "Other food items such as tomatoes, onions, potatoes, edible oils, milk and eggs also showed a declining trend," reads the report. Non-food inflation also registered a slight decline to 15.8pc from 16.4pc. In the reported month, price hikes in clothing and footwear, house rent, energy, health care and transport were observed. Over the past 15 years, the country has experienced average inflationary pressure of 15.5pc.



A young deacon baptises an eager crowd at Timket festivities around Janmeda field. Immersion in water represents a rebirth in initiation ceremonies in history. It symbolises the breaking of amniotic fluid (a liquid that surrounds the fetus) during birth, hinting towards a second birth on the planet. Water has had deep sociopolitical significance for Ethiopia as the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) has been proceeding under three Prime Ministers. Exeeding the initial bud...



On a scorching hot afternoon, a pack of stray dogs take shade under a tree on Debrezeit road. A third of Ethiopia's landmass was reported to be covered in trees in the 19th century, deforestation has put that number at around 10pc. Emperor Minelik II was the first leader of Ethiopia to engage in reforestation as he imported the Australian Eucalyptus in 1895. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) also is enamoured by lush greenery to the degree he launched the Green Legacy Initiative three years ago...



A street vendor sells fresh-cut grass around Kera for the holiday season. Most households embellish the holiday atmosphere at home, by spraying 'Qetema' in the house. A green glaze is expanding across the capital, with a new public park being announced every few months. Lemi Park in the recently formed Lemi Kura sub-city is the latest of these projects scheduled for a 10 months construction period. Friendship and Entoto parks, with the Prime Minister Office overseeing the construction, have beco...