Contentious Labour Agreement Moves to Standing Committee

Oct 23 , 2023

Parliamentarians greenlight the Ethiopian and Lebanon bilateral labour agreement treaty for further scrutiny by the Human Resource Development, Employment & Technology Affairs Standing Committee chaired by Negeri Lencho(PhD). The agreement was inked between the Labour ministers of the two countries, Muferihat Kamil of Ethiopia and Moustafa Bayram of Lebanon in April. The treaty received unanimous votes for supervision by the relevant standing committee, with some MPs lauding its capacity to decrease illegal migration. Meanwhile, Ethiopian workers in Lebanon are mainly employed as housemaids, with rights groups constantly pointing out labour rights infringements under the relentless Kafala system that holds their passports during their stay. While MPs did not mention their case, Afena Efa (PhD) indicated that the new treaty lacks a minimum wage stipulation, which could further subject Ethiopian workers to low pay unchartered of most bilateral labour agreements. "We've seen this before," Afena proclaimed. Another MP, Ayele Negeri, pointed out the importance of clearly defining the terms and conditions of living permits to expand the protection of workers despite the treaty stipulating the creation of a joint committee to oversee implementation. Parliamentarian Sadiq Adem quickly pointed out that there is no need for a joint committee if a functional embassy exists. Ethiopia does not have an Embassy in Lebanon but a council office to handle its diplomatic dealings.


Addis Chamber Embarks on Leadership Forum

A leadership forum where prominent executives will share their experiences in the business environment is organised by the Addis Abeba Chamber of Commerce & Sectoral Association (Addis Chamber) and SAK Training & Consultancy Firm. Headlining Arega Yirdaw (PhD), president of Unity University, who is expected to address the fortunes and adversities of the leadership ecosystem and share insights into his cascade of experiences, the first round is expected to set off at the Inter-luxury H...


Wegagen Bank Launches its Mobile App

Embracing the digital realm, Wegagen Bank officially launched its mobile banking application last week. The App was inaugurated in Dire Dewa City, with Yehwalashet Zewdu, vice president of the Bank Enterprise Services, showcasing its service that provides secure and seamless financial services. According to Yehwalashet, Wegagen Mobile meets the evolving needs of its clientele in Amharic, English, Afan Oromo, Tigrigna and Somali languages. Incorporated in 1997, Wegagen Bank has grown to become...


Zemen Bank Joins IFC's Trade Finance Program with $30m Boost

Zemen Bank has secured a 30 million dollar trade finance guarantee from the International Finance Corporation (IFC) to boost the trade finance operations. A member of the World Bank Group, IFC has welcomed Zemen as the newest member of its Global Trade Finance Program aimed at supporting exports and imports. Signed by Dereje Zenebe, president of Zemen Bank and Madalo Minofu, country manager of IFC, the trade financing is part of the one-billion-dollar Africa Trade & Supply Chain Finance P...