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Commodity Transactions Hits 2.4b Br

September 14 , 2019

Ethiopian Commodities Exchange (ECX) has transacted 2.4 billion Br from 41,339tn of commodities in August. Out of the transacted value, coffee covers 61pc of the total volume and 80pc of the value. The 25,385tn of coffee transacted in the reported period generated 1.9 billion Br. Compared to the same period last year, coffee saw a 22pc increase in volume and a 35pc increase in value. ECX also transacted 292.8 million Br worth of sesame on volumes of 5,115tn. Compared to the previous month of July, sesame transactions increased by 78pc in volume and 115pc in value. It also transacted 1,386tn, 7,498tn and 1,955tn of red kidney beans, soya beans and green mung beans, generating 28 million Br, 115 million Br and 58.3 million Br, respectively.


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