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Commissioner's Resignation Takes Staff by Surprise

August 8 , 2020

The unexpected resignation of Ephrem Tekle (MD), head of the  Jobs Creation Commission, surprised the senior staff of the Commission. Ephrem resigned from his post on August 6, 2020, attributing his abrupt decision to personal reasons. The news caught the senior management off guard as the Commissioner was on duty until the announcement of his resignation, chairing meetings to discuss a newly launched project. Most of the Commission's staff learned about the news on Twitter along with everybody else, according to a senior staff member at the Commission. "We're still reeling from the news and haven’t processed it yet," this person told Fortune. Ephrem is the second high-ranking official to tender a resignation in a month and a half following the resignation of Abebe Abebayehu from the Ethiopian Investment Commission, where he had been serving as commissioner for two years. Ephrem, appointed to lead the Commission in December 2018, the same year the Commission was established, has been serving in the public sector for the past nine years at the Ministry of Health and Meqelle University.


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