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Commission Warns of Humanitarian Crisis in Tigray

The latest situation monitoring report of the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) warned that a humanitarian crisis is looming in Tigray Regional State and surrounding areas. The Commission has carried out two investigative missions in Gonder, Dansha and Chercher Wereda in Raya Azebo between December 2020 and January 2021. The report indicates significant civilian casualties, displacement, bodily harm, looting and property destruction in the areas investigated and urges immediate humanitarian assistance and support lest the situation spiral into a full-blown crisis. Representatives from the Commission visited hospitals and shelters and collected testimony from both governmental and non-governmental sources during their investigation. They found that at least 31 civilians have died and 104 residences have been partially or completely destroyed in Bissober and Ullaga Kebeles in Chercher Wereda. The report also detailed that most victims are still reliant on host communities for support and that many have only received one round of humanitarian assistance. The Commission is currently conducting further investigative missions in Meqelle and other areas in Tigray Regional State.


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