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Commission Seizes 17.5m Br Worth of Contraband

May 9 , 2020

The Ethiopian Customs Commission and the Federal Food & Drug Administration has seized contraband that was stored in six warehouses in the eastern part of the country. In Harar and Dire Dawa, 17.5 million Br worth of goods including medicine, electronics, food products, and oils were confiscated, according to Derebe Kabeta , Customs Commission commissioner. One individual was killed and three others injured in clashes between the criminals and security forces, according to him. The Commissioner said that the smugglers and their accomplices have been arrested, despite the fact that they tried to free up the materials that were confiscated using firearms. Heran Gerba, director-general of the Federal Food & Drug Administration said that the action was carried out after three months of surveillance. An estimated 12 million Br has been seized in Dire Dawa and 5.5 million Br in Harar. The country seized 120 million Br worth of contraband goods during the last month.


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