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Coffee Union Starts 17 New Projects

September 19 , 2020

The Bench Maji Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union has completed the construction of 17 coffee industries to enhance the productivity of farmers. The Union has also operationalised coffee washing sites for member farmers. The 15-year-old Union has also reported total revenues of over 600 million Br from coffee, honey, and spices in the just ended fiscal year, benefiting 20,000 farmers. From total revenues, 360 million Br came through the export of 2,323tn of coffee and tea and the remaining from the sale of coffee, honey and spices. The Union netted a profit of 227 million Br. In an effort to enhance the profitability of honey, the Union built a two-million-Birr honey processing plant, which used to produce 35pc residue. This has now been replaced with one that decreases the residue to under 25pc. The Union also plans to increase its members by tenfold.


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