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Coffee Exports Continue to Soar

May 15 , 2021

Record coffee export earnings were reported for the second month in a row as the Coffee & Tea Authority announced that the country earned 114 million dollars from exporting 28,000tn of coffee between early April and May 2021. The amount beats last month's figure of 107 million dollars for 27,000tn to become the highest-ever amount earned from coffee exports in a single month. Policy adjustments and better integration between players in the coffee value chains, from farmers to collectors and exporters, are the reason behind the improved earnings, according to the Authority. Coffee accounts for around a third of Ethiopia's total export earnings of an annual average of 2.5 billion dollars and contributes an estimated five percent to the country's GDP. In the past fiscal year, 271,000tn of coffee was exported, generating 854 million dollars. Close to half of the coffee produced in Ethiopia is consumed domestically. By the end of the last fiscal year, the country had 418 licensed exporters and around six million farmers involved in cultivating coffee on over 650,000ha of land.


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