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Coffee Export Generates $854m

July 18 , 2020

Ethiopia earned 854.2 million dollars during the last budget year, exporting close to 271,000tn of coffee to the global market, according to the Ethiopian Coffee & Tea Authority. The Authority has achieved 93pc of its target from the coffee export trade. Revenue from the export of coffee has also shown a 17.4pc increase compared to the preceding fiscal year, according to the Authority. The increases in revenue from the coffee export trade were attributed to the government authorities' assistance to the sector. Coffee farmers, growers and cooperative unions were provided with credit schemes, according to the Authority. Germany, Saudi Arabia, the United States, Japan, Belgium, South Korea, Italy, France and Sudan are the major markets for Ethiopian coffee exports. Ethiopia is the fifth-largest coffee producer and exporter in the world. The production of coffee in the country takes place over 650,000ha of cultivated land.


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