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Coffee Export Generates $183.6m

September 21 , 2019

Coffee exports in the first two months of this fiscal year generated 183.6 million dollars. The value was obtained from the export of 52,300tn of coffee, 6,585tn higher than the same period last year. In terms of revenue, this year’s exports fetched nearly 6.1 million dollars above the previous year. Germany, Saudi Arabia and Japan were the three top Ethiopian coffee export destination countries. The United States, Belgium, South Korea, Italy, France, Sudan and Australia are among the countries to which Ethiopian coffee was exported. The country’s production of coffee is expected to rise to just under 7.4 million tonnes this fiscal year, a 1.4pc increase from the past fiscal year. Exports account for just over half of overall production and are forecast to grow 0.5pc in 2019/20 from the previous year to reach four million bags.


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