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City Inks 9.3m Euro Deal to Improve Water Sanitation

November 14 , 2020

The Addis Abeba Water & Sewerage Authority has inked an agreement for 9.3 million euros with Vitens-Evides International to improve water sanitation and supply. The new agreement applies to water projects on Legedadi and Dire water dams. The project will also entail basin development and equitable use of water that passes through different regions. The project aims to improve the water-containing capacity of Dire and Legedadi dams and work on protecting soil in basin water areas. In addition to this, the project will also focus on helping communities that live around basin areas and Legdadi and Dire river dams through establishing market-based opportunities, according to a statement from the City Administration. The project, scheduled to last five years, is expected to benefit close to 10,000 people living around the two dams and another 90,000 people living in the five cities that encircle the two dams, namely Akaki, Burayu, Gelan, Sululta and Sendafa.


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