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City Bans Motorbikes, Restricts Heavy Trucks

June 22 , 2019

Addis Abeba’s City Administration has banned the use of motorcycle for transportation and business purposes until the cycles are formally registered and their purpose is specified to the authorities. Officials conducted a week and a half long survey around the use of motorcycles in the city, which led them to this decision, according to Deputy Mayor Takele Uma. “Lately in our city, we have been witnessing the use of motorcycles in acts of robbery and similar criminal activities,” Takele told reporters. The ban will not affect police officers, members of the defence forces or other emergency service providers. Motor bikes that deliver packages under organisations like the post office and embassies will need to get permits to operate. The City Administration has also announced that it has set a time limit during which heavy trucks that weigh more than 2.5tn can move around in the city during the day time.



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