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Chinese Firm Secures Deal to Power Awash-Woldia Railway

June 20 , 2020

Pinggao Group Co. Ltd, a Chinese electrical corporation, has signed an agreement with Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) for the construction of a high voltage power transmission line for the Awash Woldia-Hara Gebeya railway project. The company mainly researches, develops, produces and sells high voltage, extra-high voltage and ultra-high voltage switchgear. The agreement, signed by Ashebir Balcha, CEO of EEP, and Zhai Yanbin, overseas marketing director at Pinggao Group, comes at a cost of 11.5 million dollars, which will be entirely funded by the Ethiopian government. Pinggao Group is expected to build a 230/132KV high voltage power transmission line for the railway project that stretches 206Km. The railway is scheduled to be finalised within the coming 12 months. TBEA Company, another Chinese firm, also signed an agreement with Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) earlier last month for 5.3 million dollars and 41 million Br to build four power substations for the Awash-Hara Gebeya Railway project. Upon completion of the power transmission line, the railroad, which links the country’s northern and eastern transportation networks, will start operations with 20 cargo trains and six passenger trains. Each passenger train will accommodate 120 people, and each cargo car will haul 30 wagons carrying 1,350tn each.


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