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Chamber Bill Proposes Name Change

January 9 , 2021

The amended draft proclamation of the Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce & Sectoral Associations has proposed a change to its name. The draft, presented at a panel discussion last week, would rename the organisation the Chamber of Commerce & Industry. The proposed change caused a split in interest at the meeting attended by all 18 member associations and four of its former presidents. Members from the industry and manufacturing sectors welcomed the change, while others raised concerns on the exclusion of sectors like tourism and ICT in the name. The need for the Chamber to expand its activities, in issuing permits for bazaars and exhibitions, was also raised in the discussion. The service, currently provided by the Ministry of Trade & Industry and regional trade offices, can be conferred by the Ministry to the Chamber by law. Members of the Association suggested this push in order to control the quality of bazaars and exhibitions as well as expand the Chamber's means of income through service fees. The draft law is intended to go through a series of discussions before being tabled to the Ministry, as the Association's first proclamation in 2003 had caused disagreements between members, according to Melaku Ezezew, president of the Chamber.


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