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Bread Factories Worth 800m Br in Works

MIDROC Investment Group pledges to build 10 bread factories in as many cities across the country. The factories are projected to cost 800 million Br, which would be covered by the Group. The establishments in the 10 selected cities, including Harar, Jigjiga, Gonder, Dessie, Hawassa, Nekemte, will accommodate both flour mills and bread factories, having a combined capacity to produce 40tn of flour and over two million loaves of bread daily. The construction period for the factories is estimated at one year. MIDROC's Horizon Plantations Plc had previously funded Sheger Bread & Flour Factory, finalised last year at a cost of 900 million Br and having the capacity of producing over one and half million loaves of bread daily. In March 2021, Sheger began producing at full capacity after struggling with a shortage of supplies for almost a year before that.
EDITOR'S NOTE: This story has been edited on 13 September 2021


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