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Berhan, Guzo Team Up for Airline Ticketing

February 29 , 2020

Berhan Bank and Guzo Go, an application for an online ticketing service, partnered to provide airline ticketing services for carriers that have destinations to Ethiopia. The agreement demonstrates the Bank's aggressive push to provide digital financial services to its customers, said Binyam Mesfin, director of the marketing and corporate communication department at Berhan, at a ceremony held at the Bank’s head office on February 28, 2020. Customers of the Bank can go to any of its branches and choose from 10 different airlines depending on their destinations. The application developed by Guzo Go facilitates the airline ticketing process in the Amharic, Afan Oromo, Tigrigna and Somali languages. The service is expected to level the language difficulties associated with the process of buying airline tickets, time zone differences and the limited ticketing facilities, according to Teodros Shiferaw deputy general manager of Solgate Travel Plc, which also owns Guzo Go. The software makes the ticketing process and procedures easier by providing simple-to-use options, and it is functional on the internet. The ticketing service will be available for both foreign and domestic flights and is provided to satisfy the Bank's customers, according to the director of marketing and corporate communication.


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