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Berhan Bank Unveils New Logo

December 7 , 2019

Berhan Bank announced the change of its logo as part of its rebranding endeavours at its ten-year celebration event. The Bank has allocated a budget of close to eight million Br, which was contracted to Digital Impression Marketing & Advertising Agency. The design of the new logo and the printing work was proposed to the Bank by the Agency. Digital Impression worked with Dashen, Enat and Zemen banks. The design and other work for the rebranding took around a year and six months to finalize. The Bank has spent close to 600,000 Br for another advertisement company, Berry Advertising Agency, who won the bid to launch the campaign for the rebranding. Established with a paid capital of 154.7 million Br in 2009, Berhan's paid-up capital has reached 1.7 billion Br with deposits climbing to 10.8 billion Br in the last fiscal year. Abraham Alaro, president of the Bank, Gumachew Kussie, board chairperson of the Bank, and Daniel Kitaw (Prof), the first chairperson, were among those who attended the Bank's ten-year celebration.


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