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Authority Seizes Adulterated Food Items

February 22 , 2020

The Ethiopia Food & Drug Authority has seized 6.4 million Br worth of adulterated butter and honey in the past six months of the current fiscal year. The Authority took the measure after completing a surveillance operation of 13 randomly selected butter and honey suppliers working in the capital and the surrounding area. It arrested 72 suspects for allegedly participating in the adulteration and their case is pending at court. In the reporting period, the Authority registered 865 new food items, pushing the total number of registered food items to 2,676. It also gave a certificate of competence to 96 local food making companies and 695 food import/export companies. The Authority served 13 companies with warning letters, temporarily banned six companies, and revoked the licenses of four companies. The Authority registered and licensed 600 types of medicine and 308 types of medical equipment. To date, 3,578 medicines have been registered. It took measures against  7,756 hotels and recreational centres, which were allowing people to smoke tobacco on the premises. It also confiscated 7.8 million Br worth of medical equipment, medicines and sanitary and beauty care items that were smuggled into the country illegally.


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