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Authority Lifts Ban on Ethiopian Sugar Ads

October 5 , 2019

The Ethiopian Broadcast Authority lifted the advertisement ban it placed on the Ethiopian Sugar Manufacturing Industry S.C. Issued on September 18, 2019, the Authority allowed the company to continue its advertisements for the sale of shares. Through a circular written on September 5, 2019, the Authority has notified all publications and broadcasters to hold the announcement temporary after a request by the Ethiopian Sugar Corporation stated that it was announcing misleading information. The Corporation, in a letter written on August 29, 2019, claimed that the company was confusing potential investors by not clearly identifying itself as a private organization and was using a similar logo to the prominent Wonji Sugar factory, a government entity. After receiving the case, the Authority allowed the company to resume advertisements mentioning that it is a private entity and using a logo that is different from Wonji Sugar Factory.


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