Authority, ECX to Introduce New Coffee Trading Modality

May 23 , 2021

The Coffee & Tea Authority and the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) are gearing up to launch a micro-lot trading platform for high quality coffee. Such a platform will allow retailers to trade in comparatively small increments, enabling an improved modality for the trade of lower quantities of coffee. In the past fiscal year, 271,000tn of coffee was sent abroad, generating 854 million dollars, over one-fourth of the total export earnings of the nation. Close to half of the coffee produced in Ethiopia is consumed domestically. By the end of the last fiscal year, the country had 418 licensed exporters and around six million farmers involved in cultivating coffee on over 650,000ha of land. he coffee produced by these farmers is classified into six quality grades by the time it hits the trading floors at ECX.



Women around the Koshe area hunt through piles of trash to find scraps of metal to sell. With close to three million people unemployed in the country and a headline inflation of 33pc, unskilled labour is in little demand. Ethiopia has an adult literacy rate of 51pc, with fewer numbers going past high school. Less than three percent of 12th-grade students made it to universities this year while the rest were at the mercy of remedial exams...



An old wooden car that was part of a commercial campaign by a furniture company around the Beherawi Theatre area. Ethiopia's forest coverage to national land size has been registered at 15pc to the latest data by the World Bank. The current Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed launched an initiative labelled 'Green Legacy' to plant five billion trees in 2020 claiming an 83pc success...



A young boy attempts to pull a piece of cloth from an overloaded pickup truck around the Ayer Tena area. Observing an unsupervised child on the streets of the capital has become a common sight, with sporadic conflict across the country creating nearly four million internally displaced people. Despite the last census having been conducted 16 years ago, the population of the country is estimated at 120 million...