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Authority Constructs, Upgrades Roads for 2b Br

February 16 , 2019

The construction and upgrade of 25 road projects will be completed before the end of the current fiscal year, disclosed the Addis Abeba City Roads Authority. The road projects are under construction with a budget of two billion Birr from the city administration. In this fiscal year, the Authority has managed to construct, upgrade and maintain 323Km of roads, including cobblestone, according to Moges Tibebu, chief executive officer of the authority. To ease the traffic congestion, the Authority upgraded a 35Km-long road by broadening the width from 20m to 30m. The Authority also plans to complete four projects within three years. The Aqaqi Qality-Tulidimti; Qeranio-Abo; Tulidimtu-Tirunesh Beijing Hospital; and the Lideta Bulgaria via Africa Union are the four road projects.



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