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Auditor Gives Deadline to Peace Ministry to Clear Audit

February 2 , 2019

The Auditor General gave a two and a half month deadline to the Ministry of Peace to clear a 19.3 million Br audit irregularity. The Auditor General pointed out that the gaps were caused by payments made without receipts, procurement made without the proper bidding process and without proper documentation and making procurements while there was no demand for products and services. Last Friday the four security and intelligence offices: Ministry of Peace, Ministry of Defense, Information Network Security Agency (INSA) and the National Intelligence & Security Service defended the audit gaps pointed out by the Auditor General. Six months ago the agencies were advised to clear the audit gaps for the years 2013, 2014 and 2017. In the latest session held at the end of last week, the offices presented their three-year reports to a special committee in parliament chaired by Tagesse Chafo, speaker of the house, which considered the recommendations of the Auditor General. The three agencies, except for the Ministry of Peace, cleared their audit report, while the Ministry still came up with some gaps that led the special committee of parliament to order the Ministry to report back in two and a half months.


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