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Attorney General Recovers 87m Br

June 22 , 2019

The Attorney General’s Office reported that it has recovered around 87 million Br from defendants accused of grand corruption. The Office has succeeded in collecting the amount through the process of litigation and negotiations made with the accused as well as their lawyers and families, according to Terefe Assefa, assistant attorney general and acting director for corruption crimes. “Currently, around 98 people are in litigation charged with alleged grand corruption crimes and other cases,” he said, presenting his office’s performance report concerning the past 11 months to the standing committee for Law, Justice & Democratic Affairs in parliament. He also reported that the Office is investigating 35 public institutions and 20 universities that have shown irregularities of accounts during the auditing process. To expedite the process of recovering money transferred out of the country, the Attorney General has signed agreements with two foreign countries, according to the report. During the reported period, the office has opened 46,723 files for litigation, out of which 1,834 are cases related to corruption, while 643 are related to organised crime, according to the report. About 14,357 cases have been completed, of which 270 are related to corruption.


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