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Amhara Region Opal Industry Generates $3.6m

July 24 , 2021

Opal sourced from mines in Amhara Regional State generated 3.6 million dollars in export revenue last year, according to the Amhara Mines Agency. The figure is 1.4 million dollars higher than the year before. Over 4.6tn of raw opal mineral and 130Kg of value-added opal was exported to China, India and other Asian markets. The country earned over 681 million dollars from the export of minerals, mostly gold, during the just-ended fiscal year, a more than 400 million dollar increase from last year's 207 million dollars in export revenue. Additionally, the Ministry of Mines & Petroleum recently removed a restriction that obligated those engaged in the export of opal, sapphire and emerald to limit the volume of raw minerals they send abroad to just 20pc.


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