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Amhara Region Gets Depot Station

August 31 , 2019

Worku Petroleum opened a new gas station and a fuel depot in Dejen town of the Amhara Regional State at a cost of 24 million Br. The new fuel depot has the capacity to store 1.1 million litres of fuel. The gas station and fuel depot have created job opportunities for over 30 employees and are expected to minimise the severe fuel shortage and the price gauging customers are exposed to in the area. We built this depot and gas station because of the high demand for fuel in the area, said Seleshi Abate, CEO at Wereku petroleum. Ethiopia, with a population of 100 million, only has 800 gas stations around the country, while neighbouring Kenya, with a population of 40 million has over 2,000 gas stations. There are 31 oil companies in Ethiopia engaged in the petroleum distribution sector, while Kenya has 65 companies.


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