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Agriculture Ministry Receives 250 Handheld Sprayers

October 24 , 2020

The Ethiopian Agricultural Business Corporation has provided 250 handheld sprayers to the Ministry of Agriculture to buttress the fight against the desert locust infestation plaguing the country. The Ministry receives the support in its fight against the locust swarms, which are destroying crops and heavily impacting the livelihoods of the community in different parts of the country, according to Minister Oumer Hussien. "The donation from the Corporation will be instrumental in reinforcing measures against the infestation," said Oumer. The Chinese government has also donated different pesticides, personal protective gear, and sprayers to help the government of Ethiopia in its campaign against the desert locust invasion. Assessment from the Ministry of Agriculture shows that close to 281,000ha of land have been infested by locusts, with severe implications for crop harvests and livelihoods. A little over half of this land has been treated with pesticides since July.


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