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Agriculture Ministry Backs Regional States

August 16 , 2020

The Ministry of Agriculture has dispensed electronic tablets, livestock laboratory equipment, and personal protective gear worth 700 million Br to the regional states. The support was provided to boost the productivity of the agricultural sector and fight the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). The handover ceremony, which was held at Radisson Blue Hotel, included 35,000 tablets, 351 million Br worth of livestock laboratory equipment, and 12.8 million Br worth of COVID-19 protection material. The tablets are intended for use by the kebelesin the regional states and are aimed at digitising the sector's data system, according to Oumer Hussien, minister of Agriculture. In addition, laboratory equipment will be distributed to contribute to livestock production and animal health development. The Minister noted these materials are not enough to transform the sector and urged the need for collaborative work with the respective stakeholders to enhance productivity.


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