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Agency Saves Half Billion Birr Through Kaizen

September 8 , 2019

Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Supply Agency has saved half a billion Birr through the implementation of the Kaizen business philosophy in the recently ended fiscal year. Out of 19 branches, the Agency implemented Kaizen philosophy in Hawassa and Meqelle branches, according to Muluwork Setegn, planning, follow up and evaluation director at the Agency. Through implementing Kaizen philosophy, the Agency minimised the number of its rental warehouses from 23 to three. Drawn from this experience, the Agency plans to implement the philosophy in its 15 branches and has begun to give training at its Hawassa, Meqelle, Bahir Dar and Jimma branches. During the recently ended fiscal year, 14 billion Br worth of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment were distributed to 4,588 governmental medical institutions. The Institute, which was established in 2011 under the initiative of the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, has enabled 600 factories and service-providing companies to save nearly 2.8 billion Br by managing waste through the implementation of the Kaizen philosophy.


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