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Administration Bans 17 Edible Oils

September 14 , 2019

The federal Food & Drug Administration (FDA) urged the public not to use 17 cooking oil brands, which were found in the market without labels. In a survey conducted by the Administration, the products failed to have packaging and labels with descriptions about their production date, expiry date, level of nutrients, where the product was processed and by whom. Lulu, Arsi, Ahadu, Dire, Amin, Royal, Agar and Saba are among the edible oil brands the Administration alerted the public to avoid using. In the last fiscal year, the Administration has banned more than 103 processed food items that have been distributed in the market without the proper label descriptions. The banned food types include candy, honey, table salt, peanut butter, edible oil, baby food, Vimto [a sweet tonic beverage] and vinegar.


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