A computer simulation of the future Bole Michael overpass, which connects Saris road to Bole Road, shows its large dimension.

The Addis Abeba City Roads Authority will commence construction on two overpass projects to ease congestion in the capital. The projects, which will be inaugurated by Deputy Mayor Takele Uma on November 10, 2019, are expected to cost the city two billion Birr.

The Authority has already identified contractors after undertaking a bid, while the Authority has yet to hire consultants.

The first overpass, which will connect Saris road to Bole Road, will be constructed by ASER Construction. The overpass will measure 600m in length and 10m to 40m at different sections in width. Additionally, ASER will construct a 5.5Km expansion road that will stretch from Bole Michael Ring Road to the entrance of Bulbula Kaba.

Yotek Construction, IFH Engineering and Rama Construction have taken part in the tender for construction of the first overpass, which is expected to cost 867 million Br. Founded a decade ago, ASER, which subcontracted the construction of the Mexico over- and under-pass roads from a Chinese company, won the bid and is expected to finish construction in two years.

Earlier this fiscal year, the company won a bid to construct a 48.7Km-length asphalt concrete road that will stretch from Asaita, a town in the Afar Regional State, to the Djibouti border for a cost of 1.5 billion Br.

“Since we have developed experience working as a sub-contractor on the Mexico over- and under-pass road project, we don’t expect a lot of challenges, except for the flow of traffic in the construction area,” said Yemane Abraha, general manager of ASER.

The new project will require the relocation of 87 different structures, of which 36 are houses and the rest are fences.

The second overpass, which will stretch from Atobis Tera-Mesalemia through 18 Quter Mazoria all the way to Kolfe Ring Road, is expected to cost 1.2 billion Br.

At 3.4Km in length and around 40m in width, the second overpass will include a 75m bridge over a river, two 20m bridges that will integrate into the main road, one interchange bridge and retaining walls.

Awarded to China Railway Seventh Group Construction, it is also expected to be completed in two years. Relocation of residents for the purpose of the construction has already started.

For this project 327 electric, 133 telecom poles and several water supply lines are expected to be removed. 347 houses will be completely demolished, while 222 will be partially demolished.

Beginning in September, over 90 houses have already been demolished. The Authority plans to finish clearing the land by December.

The existing Atobis Tera to 18 Quter Mazoria road is exposed to high traffic congestion and is damaged due to heavy use over a long period of time.

In the current fiscal year, the Roads Authority has 43 projects in the pipeline and 25 of them are expected to commence this year, according to Tieumay Woldegebriel, director of communication at the Authority.

In addition to these two projects, the Authority will also commence the construction of a 1.1Km road, stretching from Leghar to Gazebo roundabout. The road will be 10m wide, including the sidewalk.

“It’s good when local construction companies are participating in such projects so as to bring a technology transfer,” said Abrham Gebre (PhD), associate professor at Addis Abeba University’s Institute of Technology and director at Africa Railway Centre of Excellence, referring to the Bole Michael overpass. “Though local contractors have a shortcoming of submitting projects on time, it is easy for local contractors to carry out such projects unless the project has special features.

PUBLISHED ON Nov 09,2019 [ VOL 20 , NO 1019]

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