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Addis-Adama Expressway Generates 275m Br

July 20 , 2019

The Ethiopian Toll Road Enterprise earned 275.5 million Br in revenues during the just-ended fiscal year. Out of the total revenue, the Enterprise collected 11.2 million Br from renting spaces for advertisements and providing tow truck service. The Enterprise earned the income from Addis Abeba-Adama Expressway, through which over 8.4 million cars have passed in the last fiscal year. Addis Abeba-Adama Expressway, the first toll road in the nation was inaugurated five years ago and was constructed with 11.2 billion Br. The 31m-wide, six-lane expressway took five years to complete and shortened the total travel time from two hours to 45 minutes along the Addis Ababa-Adama corridor. The Enterprise also opened up a second asphalt toll road from Dire Dawa to Dewelle, covering 223Km, in June of this year.


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