2F Properties is a privately-owned property agency specializing in sales, rentals, leases, and comprehensive property management services. Founded in 2020, by Faris Abdi, the company has rapidly emerged as a reputable and recognized business in the real estate industry, both in the UAE and beyond.

In line with its vision of sharing its international expertise and offering innovative real estate solutions, its latest venture entails stretching its presence to East Africa, making its official debut in Ethiopia.

Q:  what exactly gives 2F properties the competitive edge in the real estate market? 

Faris Abdi:  We’ve been navigating this market with the ideals of persistence, consistency, excellence, and trust.

The intentions of the local authorities are to give a high standard to the market by establishing strong institutions to regulate the industry and control daily all the inflow and outflow in the economy, ensuring smooth business between thousands of super active players. it’s one of the keystones that has enabled us to best serve our audience.

Having our way in such a well-planned ecosystem where the survival of the fittest prevails though has been possible when we made the choice to be driven by empathy. We’ve also geared towards understanding our clients' ideas.

Q:  What developments has your company gone to since its inception three years ago?

Faris Abdi:  Since its inception, the company has helped investors, developers, and retailers acquire over a thousand projects through apartments, villas, and commercial properties for various customers.

As a long-standing firm in the real estate industry, the company's role has always been to turn targeted clients into gratified investors, and satisfied house owners through meticulous mindfulness. The Successful ventures of the company can be seen through customer reach and satisfaction.

Q: How has the Dubai market responded to your services so far? What do you think that is? Who are your clients?

Faris Abdi:  2F has been tapping into the conducive and business-friendly environment of Dubai to deliver exceptional services to its clients. The growth has been capitalized through the evolved demand of the Dubai real estate market and the company's ability to keep up with the standards.

Although we made our first appearance in United Arab Emirates (UAE), most of our clients are international investors outside the Middle East. Our company has also expanded its reach to Africa, Europe, Asia, and America; experienced investors and those new to the market.

Q: Should Ethiopian investors be looking out for Dubai real estate Market? What opportunities are laid out? What are the dynamics that have shaped real estate in Dubai?

Faris Abdi:  Although, not the biggest or the most viable, the Dubai market is already very well-established factoring in various opportunities and an ideal location for real estate investment. It comprises tax-free privileges, a booming economy, an enthralling tourism sector, competitive prices, and world-class developers.

 Q: How did you end up being a successful business owner amidst a throat-cutting competition in the real estate industry?

Faris Abdi: My career journey began 12 years ago when I moved from Ethiopia to Qatar. Starting as a sales personnel, I quickly realized my passion for the real estate industry. I decided to pursue it as a career and moved to Dubai after gaining valuable experience in the field. I ended up becoming a realtor and the founder of  2F Properties,  a leading real estate agency based in Dubai, UAE.

Under my leadership, 2F Properties has grown into one of the most successful real estate companies in the UAE and beyond. The agency operates in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. To tell you the truth, I never saw myself as a successful person.

Competition has been an order of the day when it comes to any business and in Real Estate for that matter. My attitude in this market has been lying on attitude and predispositions like persistence, consistency, excellence, and trust. These values have helped a lot, and have generated the energy required to give the best to my team, partners, clients, and investors.

Q: Why is 2F Properties extending its reach to the Ethiopian Markets? What plans are laid out in the next few years? What opportunities are foreseen?

Faris Abdi:  Our primary focus is to serve diasporas and local investors, who are seeking investment opportunities in Ethiopia's real estate market. We understand the unique challenges that diasporas face when navigating the market, and ensuring that they easily navigate the right properties at the right price is crucial.

Our entry into this market is also to offer the utmost expertise, and the international exposure compels us to take responsibility back home and play our role in the urban development of Ethiopia by shaping a new Real Estate Fabric. The company's epitome is to be a go-to resource for customers streamlining their property search and facilitating successful investments.

We are excited to contribute to the growth of the Ethiopian real estate sector by introducing new technology in the sector through an advanced interactive website, the inception of technology in the industry that will empower the local agents and take them to another level in the industry and we will also create job opportunities.

PUBLISHED ON Aug 10,2023 [ VOL 24 , NO 1215]

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