Dec 4 , 2022

Telebirr users will receive a digital payment system that integrates a dynamic QR Code, simplifying and offering payment options for the services and products they buy.

Ethio telecom and CNET jointly launched a system that offers clients receipts with a unique QR Code scanned by phones. The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system will be fed real-time information on transactions and monitored by CNET Software Technologies Plc.

Telebirr offers other payment preferences: one-time password (OTP), which uses a reference PIN sent to customers' mobile after the clerk is informed in advance that the customer is issuing payment through Telebirr. Conventional QR Code platform, and USSD push, where once the transaction is made, consumers receive a payment confirmation message from Telebirr 127.

The state-owned enterprise, Ethiotelecom, has inked deals with the private software solutions provider at an event held at Sheraton Addis on Thursday, November 24.

The company, registered under the Be'ment Demessie, was incorporated in 2004 with a 13.5 million Br initial capital. It has made its name for installing software for fiscal printers used by over 4,000 businesses, served through nine branches.

The state enterprise is working aggressively to meet the demands of public services providers such as hospitals, pharmacies and cafes, said Firehiwot Tameru, CEO.

"We're not there yet," she conceded.

Ethio telecom targeted customers include the entertainment and hospitality industry, disclosed Firehiwot.

Ethio telecom has introduced three mobile financial services, Telebirr Mela, Telebirr Endekise and Telebirr Sanduq, for micro-credit and saving services with over one billion Birr transactions in partnership with Dashen Bank. The digital payment system has acquired a 25.85 million subscriber base within a year of its launch, served by 101 master agents, 87,000 agents, and 23,000 traders. It has been integrated with 17 banks transacting over 153 billion Br.

PUBLISHED ON Dec 04,2022 [ VOL 23 , NO 1179]

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