Sunmei International was invited to attend Africa Hotel Investment Forum (AHIF) held in Ethiopia during 23th-25th of this month which gathered globally known hotel investors, the investors, developers and operators etc. in African regions. Together they held discussions on the issues such as tourism projects, infrastructure construction and hotel development in Africa.

Africa Hotel Investment Forum (AHIF) is one of the most influential exchange platforms for the hotel industry. It brings together internationally reputable hoteliers and hospitality professionals and aims to host various talks and meetings on hotel investment trends to develop new business opportunities.

This forum takes the theme of “connect, invest, sustain and discover global tourism opportunity”. Alex Kyriakidis, President and Managing Director for Middle East and Africa of Marriott International, Michael Ghebru, Advisor of the Chairman of Sunshine Corporation, David Singleton, Former Area Vice President of Franchise Operations & Development EMEA/South, Hannah Edinger, Deputy Director of Insight Africa of Deloitte&Touche, Rick Taylor, CEO of commercial travel company, TewoldeGebreMariam, CEO of Ethiopian Airlines and a dozen of hotel and tourism industry experts organized heated debates concerning sustainable property investment for investors, how to finance for the sustainable projects, the prospect and strategy of Africa’s tourism industry, the growth potential of global hotel brands in African area etc. during the three day period and together they proposed market potential and feasible strategy for Africa’s hotel industry in the following three years.

At the end of the forum, Haile Gebrselassie, the legendary world champion in long-distance race joined the Run for Charity to supportAHOPE, Ethiopia’s charity organization and create hope for HIV-positive orphans.

Sunmei International also played its role in the talks and discussions as a hotel group that takes hotel franchise as its major business. Since the year of 2018, Sunmei International has been looking to the lucrative and promising lodging market in Africa and introduced the brand of Ivy Hotel, Rizti Hotel into the local market to offer one-stop franchise package services for the local investors.

It is reported that in 2020, two hotels under Sunmei International will officially open for business in Addis Ababa and a dozen potential franchise hotels are being negotiated. Africa’s hotel market has high expectations about what the hotel chain franchise scheme offered by Sunmei International can bring.

A few developers and investors showed their keen interest to cooperate with Sunmei International during the forum and Sunmei’sactive participation at Africa Hotel Investment Forum (AHIF) is only the beginning for its flourishing growth in Africa. In the coming days, Sunmei International will continue to expand the hotel franchise business and make its contribution to Africa’s investment and accommodation industry.

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