Jan 25 , 2020

One of the oldest and prominent clinical laboratories, Arsho Medical Laboratory constructed a headquarters building with 55 million Br in investment.

Resting on a 945Sqm plot of land leased for approximately nine million Br, the new headquarters is located in Arat Kilo along Adwa Street behind Arada District. Commenced in 2015, the construction has now reached 95pc completion.

Installation of lights, lifts, a generator and medical equipment are the remaining tasks, according to Zelealem Fisseha, managing director of Arsho, which was founded by immigrant Armenian citizen Arshavier Terzian (MD) in 1972.

"We're waiting for foreign exchange to procure the equipment," Zelealem told Fortune. "Once we secure the forex, it will not take more than four months to fully complete the headquarters."

Upon completion and equipped with the necessary laboratory equipment and apparatus, the facility is expected to cost the company 200 million Br. The four-floor building with one basement and a rooftop will be equipped with new and advanced laboratory instruments.

Once it becomes operational, the laboratory will offer magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computerised tomography (CT Scan), X-ray, ultrasound, bone density and dialysis and host a cancer treatment centre and a specialised clinic for women.

Salem Consultants designed the building that is being constructed by Hamracon Construction & Engineering Enterprise. Hamracon was awarded the project after a bidding process involving four companies including Shawel Zeleke, Biruk Tesfaye, Samuel Alemayehu Abayazew and Abel Engineering & Contractor. Salem Consultants had to bid against Hager Consultancy and ATK Consultancy before finally being selected for the work.

"On top of saving expenses for rents, owning a building will help us protect our equipment from damage," said Zelealem.

The medical laboratory basically uses scientific analyzer equipment, which needs to go through calibration and verification processes to resume functioning after being re-installed when the equipment is moved from one place to another.

“Moving these instruments from place to place is expensive, interrupts services and affects the durability of the instruments,” Zelealem said.

Medical imaging equipment is very sensitive and might not be up to specifications after the relocation, according to Mihretu Mehari (MD), clinical lab specialist and diagnostic director at Black Lion Specialised Hospital. ''Having its own building will help in housing the sensitive medical equipment permanently with the proper setup," Mihretu said.

The first laboratory for the nation to have started providing services at Piassa, off Haileselassie Street, the laboratory has remained active for the past 47 years with no interruption. It has been using a rented headquarters.

The laboratory, which has a total of nine branches, of which one is located outside the capital, employs 88 medical professionals and 122 administration staff. It provides a range of blood tests and other services such as immunochemistry, haematology. coagulation, pathology, histo and cytopathology, microbiology, molecular diagnostics, serology, virology and voluntary counseling & testing (VCT).

The company refers other more advanced tests that are not performed in Ethiopia such as DNA tests for siblings, maternity and paternity to Bioscientia Healthcare Group of Germany, Cellmark UK and Star Metropolis of Dubai.

“Our next move will be expanding our reach to all regional states and districts of the capital,” Zelealem added.

PUBLISHED ON Jan 25,2020 [ VOL 20 , NO 1030]

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