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Gasoil shortage in addis ababa.

Ethiopia is no stranger to the shortage of fuel. But drivers have lately been greeted by a sign that reads “No Gasoil” at gas stations, referring to a type of fuel that is often available even when benzene is scarce.

Drivers used to the general availability of gasoil, which accounts for two-thirds of the petroleum imported by the country, have been perplexed by the sudden dip in supply. It has not been any different for the oil retailers that have found this occurrence an unexpected new challenge they hope is only temporary.

“I've no idea what happened and what to do,” said a driver who had been looking for the fuel at gas stations in Addis Abeba for several days, without success.

The authorities ascribe the shortage to the dedication of the Sululta Strategic Reserve Depot beginning early this month to only benzene, which is periodically scarce and causes most of the fuel shortages in the city. Meanwhile, a two-day road blockage between Djibouti and Ethiopia caused by a cargo truck accident over a week ago made matters worse.

How the Enterprise failed to plan ahead for a shortage occurring when they began filling the Sululta Strategic Reserve Depot with only benzene was perplexing to Alemayehu Geda (Prof), an economist and university lecturer at Addis Abeba University’s Faculty of Business & Economics. He stressed that this would have a heavy impact on construction projects and transporters of agricultural products.

In its attempt to address the shortage, the Ethiopian Petroleum Supply Enterprise authorised oil companies to load gasoil from the fuel depot for retailers in Awash beginning June 25, 2020.

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PUBLISHED ON Jun 27,2020 [ VOL 21 , NO 1052]

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