Addis Abeba, Ethiopia, [January 31, 2024]

In a momentous event at the Sheraton Addis Hotel, N.A Business Ventures, a conglomerate with a company leading the Ethiopian metal industry and engineering, proudly announced its collaboration agreements with two esteemed Chinese giants, SINOTRUK International and RAISUN. The signing ceremony was graced by the presence of the distinguished Minister of Industry, Melaku Alebel, symbolizing a significant step towards fostering international partnerships for Ethiopia’s industrial advancement.

Revolutionizing Transportation with SINOTRUK International

N.A Business Ventures, under the visionary leadership of Managing Director Nebiyu Assefa, unveiled its strategic collaboration with SINOTRUK International, a renowned name in the automotive industry. The highlight of this partnership is the introduction of cutting-edge vehicle models in Ethiopia, specifically the HOWO-TX: 6X4 with a robust 400HP engine and an impressive 220 kuntal payload capacity. Additionally, the HOWO 220HP model boasts a 150 Kuntal payload capacity. The vehicles can work for eight hours nonstop.

Through an investment of one billion Br

N.A had established plants 6 years ago which created jobs for over 300 permanent peoples and 8 small enterprises those have above 150 peoples. The company has been awarded trophies for its taxpaying prowess. The conglomerate is also set to introduce electric vehicle (EV), paving the way for the adoption of electric vehicles in Ethiopia and contributing to the country’s green initiatives.

These SINOTRUK HOWO models are set to revolutionize the transport sector in Ethiopia, addressing critical needs with unmatched performance and reliability. The collaboration aligns seamlessly with N.A Business Ventures’ commitment to enhancing local industries and reducing dependency on car imports.

Sustainability at the Core

Emphasizing sustainability and environmental responsibility, SINOTRUK International’s vehicle models come equipped with advanced features. This commitment resonates with Ethiopia’s broader vision for a greener and more sustainable future steered by Nebyu Assefa.

Nebyu Assefa’s Vision for Local Empowerment

Nebyu Assefa, the dynamic Managing Director and owner of N.A Business Ventures, draws inspiration from his familial legacy in the industry. Having learned the trade from his father, Nebiyu established the conglomerate 15 years ago with a modest capital of 100,000 Br in Kadisco, Saris. His long-term vision is to gradually put a lasting mark in the history of auto industry of Ethiopia with locally manufactured options, fostering economic growth and self-sufficiency.

RAISUN Partnership: A Pinnacle of Collaboration

In addition to SINOTRUK International, N.A Business Ventures is excited to join forces with RAISUN International which is a massive Trailers raw material supplier company in the world, further diversifying its portfolio and contributing to Ethiopia’s industrial landscape. The collaboration aims to bring innovation, technology, and expertise to the forefront, ensuring that Ethiopia remains at the forefront of global advancements.

The strategic collaboration between N.A Business Ventures, SINOTRUK International, and RAISUN marks a historic milestone in Ethiopia’s industrial journey. As the nation embraces sustainable development, these partnerships will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in propelling the country towards economic prosperity and self-sufficiency. N.A Business Ventures remains committed to pushing boundaries, fostering innovation, and shaping a brighter future for Ethiopia.

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