The feel-good life coaching industry would have people believe that success is not only about showing up in the swirling whirl of modern life, where essentials like health, shelter, and education twirl alongside transportation and capital formation. After all, the industry was estimated to be worth 2.4 billion dollars in 2022, growing by 19pc a year. Its gurus insist that success is about meticulous planning, a dash of wit, and a good deal of nerve. However, these sectors do more than meet basic human needs. They are the pistons in the engine of economic growth, driving activities and boosting quality of life. Insights from those in the trenches show the delicate balance individuals make as they go about their daily grinds.

From the astute reflections of the experts presented here - Girum Ketema, Bereket Abebe, Melat Nebyou, Aster Asfaw and Michael Kebede - a vivid picture emerges: success in various sectors relies not on chance but on informed decision-making and thorough groundwork. The guiding principles remain unchanged, whether it is the share market, acquiring properties, bracing for childbirth, embarking on higher education, or venturing into electric vehicles. Do the homework, understand the financial and regulatory terrain, and always be prepared for the unexpected. In the end, these are not simply investments in stocks or property.

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PUBLISHED ON May 03,2024 [ VOL 25 , NO 1253]

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