I watched the Premier League last week at a long-time friend's house in the vicinity. My friend and I are staunch supporters of the English premier league club Arsenal. Yet, his keen collection of pictures or articles that are associated with the club is unmatched.

He never tires of speaking praise and compliments about the club. However, he only has the gut to watch the game when Arsenal takes the lead, an obsession with the pursuit of victory with eyes that are bright and glossy. This has stopped him from enjoying the game of his favourite club.

The team faced a match against a weaker opponent that day, where defeat would mean ridicule, as Bournemouth is currently at the bottom of the league table, while Arsenal is top.

As I urged my friend to enjoy the game, Bournemouth netted their nine-second goal, the second-quickest goal in Premier League history. But Arsenal bravely battled back for a 2-2 draw before their 97th-minute dramatical win, securing a third goal.

Every working second counts.

The celebration coincided with what I encountered earlier during my visit to the nearby bank. I asked to settle my wireless phone bill, whose due date was approaching. The impeccable customer service I was looking forward to from a front-line banking officer, with the knowledge of how to listen to customers and advise them accordingly, taking into account their problems and providing best-suited solutions was absent from the junior bank teller.

No doubt the amount due, was scantly anything compared to the transactions she encounters. Inattentiveness was written all over her face, so she proceeded with an excuse that the bank never offer such kind of services.

In the spur of the moment, I showed her a text message from my mobile phone denoting how I previously settled such kind of payments at the same branch.

It started as a playful kind of dash that aggravated to impudicity, and then to some sort of shenanigan as a rejoinder to its validation. It was an issue that would occur to anyone and I was wondering if I turned out to be oversensitive.

Could my displeasure have gone thus far, had the bank staff not had that acute indifference, tinged with exasperation that had no whiff of sympathy for my plaint? I asked.

As I reckoned that she had dug in her heels and her response to my plea looked inconsequential, I proceeded to her supervisor.

The issue was resolved straight away, yet not without an expressed nervousness on her face, and loudly pointing out the amount due, trying to save face by lashing out in anger instead of assuming responsibility.

I left a remark to the bank to create a plan and strictly follow it, in a manner that all services on the overview are administered. No doubt my grit and perseverance paid off, and the potential of the setback to lead to a flustered and blown-off afternoon had been averted. Yet I started to think about how some people never get troubled when they do not fulfil their duties and responsibilities.

My persistence with the bank employees paid off as Arsenal's effort for a possible-season-defining last-gasp goal did. It was a reminder why every second, every duty and responsibility, every second of a customer’s emotion and next to nothing pieces of service requests matter.

PUBLISHED ON Mar 11,2023 [ VOL 23 , NO 1193]

Tadesse Tsegaye (seetadnow@gmail.com), a polyglot with experience in multicultural-cum-institutional settings in resources management.

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