With the growing popularity of street food made from fried fish, the industry experiences a boom during the main fasting season for Ethiopian Orthodox followers, during which restaurants and hotels in the capital stock up on supplies. However, the Ethiopian fishing industry has struggled to grow, with annual fish production estimated at just 50,000tns, contributing less than one percent to the gross domestic product (GDP) and less than 0.5kg per capita consumption. Experts blame overfishing, lack of awareness, and inadequate infrastructure and technologies as the main challenges to the sector's development. Researchers point to costly waste materials dumped into water bodies. Fishermen are untrained, and their nets are outdated, catching small fish before they have the time to reproduce. But Officials argue the neglected fishery and aquaculture sectors are slowly but surely receiving more attention.

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PUBLISHED ON Feb 25,2023 [ VOL 23 , NO 1191]

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