In 2018, Addis Ababa was named the world’s coolest cities to visit by Forbes magazine and ranked among the top 10 African countries by Bloom Consulting. Both hotel franchises and local hotels account to 373 hotels in Ethiopia. Alongside all these attributes, Addis Ababa, the capital, is the third largest diplomatic community, next to Washington DC and Geneva. The city is also ranked among the 10 largest markets for chain hotel development. All these along with the city’s unique culture and rapidly growing commercial market, being one of the leading countries in African hospitality industry, hotel investment is one of the most promising areas to invest.

The hotels industry of Ethiopia signifies a substantial gap between demand and need , There is an escalating demand for international standard hotels. Furthermore, the expected increasing rates of inbound tourist arrival will create a big business opportunity for those who plan to enter the hospitality industry. Therefore, increasing the supply of good quality hotel accommodation throughout the country is necessary for the subsequent improvement of the competitiveness of the sector.

Following the suitable business environment being created by the Ethiopian government, many foreign investments are rapidly taking a mighty space in the Ethiopian hospitality industry.

Yimei Hotel Management Group have insight to the opportunity and build up an international team, finished the hotel industry marketing research for over 30 countries in African in 3 years, by analyzing local consumption habits and demands, IVY finds out almost 60% customers have quality needs in their hotel accommodations. However, independent hotels are lacking of quality, but high star hotels are too rare and expensive to meet the needs. Now IVY hotel offers multiple investment models, you can use rent land or vacant land to build a hotel. IVY has carried out scientific management system training in scientific hotel construction standards, construction technology, Hotel layout, concealment and completion acceptance, and reasonable fair and reasonable cost, which is suitable for the level of investors.

In short, the rich experience of the two founding groups in the industry, the ranking of the world's top hotel chains, and the new approach IVY bring to Africa will overthrow the hotel industry. In Africa, one-stop franchising has never been so easy. The high entry threshold and logistics costs, the uneven quality of the construction industry have a direct impact on the hotel construction cycle. Lack of systematic and scientific operation management, resulting in staff redundancy and insufficient average output, has become the bottleneck of the development of local hotels in Ethiopia.

It is believed that  Sunami International Group, the top 12 international hotel group in the world, can bring the following support to the hotel industry in Ethiopia and Africa as a whole:


Ivy is well experienced and professional in decoration and project management, they can perfectly finish a project even 2 - 2.5 years earlier than local workers, which means they only spend 6-8 months to finalize a decoration project of 40 rooms.


Process optimization and manpower streamlining F&B management Routine maintenance Continuous raining Customer Relationship Management Marketing Activities, User Channels and Source Market Expansion Before dispatching Hotel managers, each employee has to undergo at least one year of professional training and pass the examination before he or she can take up the post.


We invite internationally renowned designers to create a new design concept that combines fashion with tradition. At the same time, the design will take into account the difficulty and cost of construction. It is visually beautiful and easy to construct. IVY designers and design have passed the test of time. Design in a cost-effective way, cut tedious part and shuffle the cost to the most important part to meet the core needs of customer.

Supply Chain:

More than 10 years history, supply chain was examined and filtered by time and they own successful cases of 3000 hotels The replication of chained quality is more mature, standardized and efficient.

Technical support:

Cloud PMS, powerful, farewell stand-alone order management system, optimize price mix Timely Sharing of Customer Resources within Brands Africa's hotel industry has great potential, but also faces many challenges. Overcoming these challenges requires strong support. IVY will inject fresh blood into Africa's hotel industry by taking advantage of its hotel industry advantages and combining the support of large local groups.

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