My neighbour, a recognised physicist for loving weights and measures, accompanied me as I pondered introspectively on where to go, tempted by the potentiality of wandering aimlessly without carrying the weight of my thoughts. Albeit, the slightest reflection of attempting mindlessness made for an awkward internal conflict as my stroll in the neighbourhood commenced.

I had missed company for some time. We shared ideas ushered forth about the métier of metrologists, motivated by their dedication to assuring universal standards of measurement across multiple realms - from weight and length to units of time - through attentive perception paired with intimate education.

The reliability of these results confirms that experts like him design more dependable measuring tools for scrutinizing data and maintaining critical upkeep.

While sharing my life journey, ruminating on this notion turned my meet-up with my neighbour into a training opportunity. It covered my strive so far in the noble ambition of sharpening skills and expanding knowledge, a staple pursuit that should be held in high esteem across all domains that have always been drifting through my consciousness.

My exposure to corporate-sponsored training programs is not minimal. I participated in the Ethiopian Management Institute's training program in my youth. Their reputation as a premier institution for training services was well-earned. One particular feature of the program was directed by a fellow college alumnus; I had initially anticipated it would be routine.

Among the facilitators representing diverse backgrounds and experiences at the training, one standout figure was another classmate. Seeing firsthand how he could tap into hidden potentials so effortlessly.

The subsequently ignited sense of mission within me fueled a newfound energy and authority bestowed by the training to delve deeper into the offered task and share the newfound knowledge with others.

While attending another training session with the Institute, that trainer's presentation aptitude riveted me still today, precipitating deep admiration for qualities lending themselves beautifully to the model of a refined teacher. It evokes reminiscences, almost resembling tales of yore.

I ventured forth to the Center for Creative Leadership almost a decade ago, sponsored by our corporate office, a realm of unparalleled quality of instruction where the self became optimized. Their approach composes a tapestry of implementable erudition and ascendancy, engendering assurance in any scenario. The facility's devotion to ameliorative headship distinguishes it among higher learning institutions.

In the enlightened pedagogical habitat before, I was struck by how the facilitator regaled us with personal stories that remain steadfast within me. An air of circumspection and finery pervaded the entire forum, emboldening me to disseminate my obtained knowledge.

The facilitator, imported from abroad and bearing hefty fees, proposed our establishment, sanctioning my direction of future seminars - a proposal unheard of amidst corporate pandemonium and managerial furore.

Do we not judge ourselves based on our adeptness in traversing life's treacherous terrain? Much like a Metrologist is attuned to every tick and twitch of their instrument. We should not be intimately attuned to our thoughts, emotions, and actions if we aspire to achieve our goals.

Plagued by colossal exhibitions and cavernous conference halls, training has always taken a backseat amidst the deafening clamour of mundane meetings with no end in sight, which quickly saps my ardent enthusiasm. In the dissonant droning of lengthy discussions, the precision and detail demanded by superior training become lost in the infinitely tedious chatter.

The crucial importance of effective training for honing morale and elevating performance is altogether disregarded and sacrificed on the altar of mindless formalities. Despite its instrumental role in maximizing our potential, it is alarming to witness how peripheral position training has assumed - far away from the priority it so deserves.

The worth of Training is overlooked by many, as my journey so far proved, among others. It is nothing other than being ignorant of the art that blossoms in developing one's skills. Thereafter, it was a lecture overwhelmed by all the thoughts and emotions proponents of training may come up with and its analogy to our Metrology.

Like the intricate mechanisms of a finely-tuned machine, training often requires extreme attention to detail. Mindfulness becomes a must-have skill, allowing us to perform at our peak and surpass expectations. Training is not merely about mastering a particular technique or activity. True success requires a balanced mindset, tuned towards the present moment while keeping perspective on overall priorities.

Mindfulness is about controlling one's thoughts and focusing on the present moment. Fully awake to what's happening around us to embrace the world with clarity and purpose.

Training acts as a snapshot of an institution, a moment captured in time like the flash of a camera or reflection in a mirror. Effective training reveals every facet of an organization, highlighting its strengths and weaknesses. Like the careful study of light that forms the basis for any great photograph, thorough training illuminates the intricacies of processes, communication lines, and employee competency.

It can expose areas needing improvement and pinpoint opportunities for increased efficiency. Therefore we must value intricacy and nurture our talents without compromise if we wish to transcend mediocrity; much like skilled Metrologists diligently observe every quiver and vibration of their instrument.

If we want to succeed through training, we must stay true to our core values and priorities. In times of adversity, we learn what truly matters and where our mindfulness should focus. As Hemingway wrote, "The world breaks everyone, but afterwards, many are strong in the broken places."

The path to self-improvement is arduous and revealing. Training demands both physical repetition and mental strength. We can push ourselves further towards excellence with careful attention to our essential principles.

PUBLISHED ON Apr 22,2023 [ VOL 24 , NO 1199]

Tadesse Tsegaye (, a polyglot with experience in multicultural-cum-institutional settings in resources management.

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