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Call for Applications for the Jasiri Talent Investor Cohort 6

Application for the Jasiri Talent Investor Program Cohort 6 is now open. Jasiri calls on aspiring entrepreneurs from Kenya, Rwanda, and Ethiopia to apply. Applicants, known as Fellows undergo a thorough selection process, ensuring that the most promising and qualified aspiring entrepreneurs are chosen for the program.

Embarking on a new venture can be daunting in today’s dynamic business landscape. Acknowledging the challenges that aspiring entrepreneurs encounter, Jasiri Talent Investor stands out as a unique program operating under Allan and Gill Gray Philanthropies with a firm commitment to supporting entrepreneurs in developing high-impact, marketing-creating, and value-based ventures that address the common good. Jasiri Talent Investor strives to remove barriers that hinder the success of new businesses. The program guides the Fellows from Ideation to Venture creation, by providing funding, coaching, strategic advisory, and guidance in the complex space of innovation.

"Jasiri draws inspiration from three Entrepreneurial Imperatives: alchemy, ambition, and attitude. Our work, akin to alchemy, guides aspiring entrepreneurs from ground zero. We introduce Marketing Creating Innovations as a blueprint to shape the future prosperity of Africa. The intentional choice of our program name, Jasiri—a Swahili word for bravery—reflects our commitment. Thinking big, thinking long-term, and embodying responsible, ethical entrepreneurship demand courage." Anthony Farr, CEO of Allan and Gill Gray Philanthropies.

We continue to make a significant impact. Since the program's inception, we have incubated 144 Fellows across 4 Cohorts, nurtured 61 Ventures spanning 24 industries, and our ventures have collectively created 613 jobs.

Application for this sixth cohort will open on January 15, 2024, and close on April 5, 2024. Jasiri will host various virtual information sessions to assist interested applicants in navigating the application process and addressing any inquiries they might have. Detailed information about these virtual sessions can be found on Jasiri's social media platforms.

Visit https://jasiri.org/application/ to apply.

About Jasiri

Jasiri invests in, nurtures, and empowers entrepreneurs who benefit society and attack poverty by creating high-impact businesses, creating new markets on the African continent. Jasiri believes that entrepreneurial teams are at the heart of new venture creation and provides the entrepreneur with access to a diverse group of potential co-founders. The program supports new ventures from idea generation to venture creation and takes a long-term approach to developing exceptional, responsible entrepreneurs on the African continent. Learn more at jasiri.org.

Media Enquiries

For inquiries and more information about Jasiri please contact enquiries@jasiri.org

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